Smart solar solution
for your home and business

Let's help you grow
your solar business.

A multi feature platform to manage your busoness and remotely monitor and control your solar systems.

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Serve your solar clients better

Draw accurate maintenance schedules for your solar systems and decrease system downtime. Save money as you cut down on unnecessary field trips.

Control your solar system remotely

Remotely switch ON/OFF your solar system using your computer or smart gadget. The Remot web system and mobile App have a switch that will unload the inverter when switched off. System control enables you prevent complete failure of the solar system in case of any faults.

No need for monthly data payments

Remot has partnered with internet service providers to service connection charges for all the connected systems. As our partner, your systems will remain connected at no extra cost.


What can you do with our smart platform?

Monitor Devices

View the performance of your solar systems live from your computer. You can control the devices by scheduling or remotely turning them off/on remotely.

Notifications & Alerts

Receive alerts on the status of your solar systems by email or SMS. You can control various alert thresholds and determine who gets notified.

Customer Management

Manage your customer profiles by generating invoices and logging payments for their solar systems. Customers are also auto alerted when payments are due.

Inventory Management

Manage your stock portfolio by creating a record of your inventory. You can edit, delete, archive and re-stock your products, saving a record of business.

Generate Reports

View reports on the performance of your systems and business. You can view reports on power, energy, battery, sales, payments and so much more.

Share to Groups

Create groups to share devices with other users. You can manage access controls by limiting who gets to view notifications and reports, and receives alerts.