Build your solar business today

Start your solar business on a solar loan, grant financing or external investment and be sure that you solar clients will deliver on their payments.

Choose flexible payment models

Allow your clients pay on a hire-purchase system and receive your payments direct to your bank account or mobile money account defaulters are instantly disconnected.

With the smart energy metering, you may prefer for your clients to only pay for the energy they use. Set a standard price per kWhr for your utility service and receive your payments direct to your bank account or mobile money account.

Make your solar system smart that it will talk to you

Access key performance parameters such as battery health and system loading in real time through the remote monitoring capability.

Get to know the source and cause of any fault in your solar system even when miles away in your office.

Receive SMS and App notification alerts enabling you to react in time to avert complete system failure and shutdown.

Have accountability for your solar investment

All records of Energy production from the solar panels and usage behavior by the client are safely keep and accessible on your computer anywhere in the world.

Download periodic performance and revenue reports for your investors or donors

Serve your solar clients better

Draw accurate maintenance schedules for your solar systems and decrease system downtime

Save money as you cut down on unnecessary field trips.

Control your solar system remotely

Remotely switch ON/OFF your solar system using your computer or smart gadget. The Remot web system and mobile App have a switch that will unload the inverter when switched off. System control enables you prevent complete failure of the solar system in case of any faults.

No need for monthly data payments

Remot has partnered with internet service providers to service connection charges for all the connected systems. As our partner, your systems will remain connected at no extra cost.